In order to manifest our desires, we have to face our dark sides. Binaural beats and solfeggio sounds in this mp3 support the vibration of Lilith.

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by | May 2, 2020

Lilith – letting go into loving acceptance

During the time of the Black Moon there is a special time of power in which our consciousness, especially the collective female consciousness, is healed and elevated. This is especially true for Aries in Lilith which is active in 2020 and will continue until October 2020.

We are asked to look at our dark sides and symbolically burn them in the fire to come out of the transformation stronger.

If we want to go through a transformation and finally experience these miracles of wish fulfillment, of which we have read so much in self-help guides, then we have to become aware of our fears and shadows.

How do we manifest our wishes

Our wishes for the universe and its manifestation may be in conflict with each other and can therefore never be realized. An example could be that we would like to manifest our desired partner or soul mate, but deep down we have inner attachment fears which counteract the desire for a partnership and make you choose the wrong partners. For example those who are unreachable for you because they are not free. You are always fine with it and do not need to face your primal fear, in the example of relationship fear, because you can lull yourself, even if unconsciously, into security because your desired partner is not free.

The fact that your wish is not fulfilled leads to the fact that our primal trust in ourselves and in our power is lost even more “that doesn’t work anyway”, “I just can’t do it” or something similar, our inner voice tells us. We may end up on the track of victim consciousness, of powerlessness. This brings us on the vibrational level into ever lower frequencies. We are not doing ourselves any favours, because with a low vibration it becomes quite difficult to manifest what we want.

So it is one of the most important ingredients that we increase our vibration if we want to have success with our wish fulfillment.

How we can increase our vibration

There are many ways in which we can increase our vibration. Regularly listening to frequencies is one of them and there are certainly many factors that will do us good during a meditation or relaxation with binaural beats or solfeggio tones. Relaxation while listening to the frequencies that we allow ourselves in our otherwise hectic everyday life is an important point.

With relaxation or meditation we offer ourselves and our brain, our thoughts, a break. An emptiness arises, where with a little practice we can also allow and receive information from the universe, the spiritual world, the spiritual guides, call it what you want.

With this emptiness, the black hole, we are back to Lilith or also called the black moon. She asks us to allow the view into our dark side and not only the view we should allow, but also the emotions. We learn to accept ourselves in our wholeness, the sunny and the dark sides, Yin and Yang.

We “still” live in duality in our world and so we also have at least two sides with countless facets. We learn to recognize that recognizing our shadow issues makes us stronger. We can go through life more relaxed and consciously concentrate on the moment.

Contents of the MP3 – “Black moon”

The recording “Black Moon” has a very complex content. It goes through your body and stimulates it, strengthening your immune system. Heals and activates the heart chakra, throat chakra and the third eye. It supports the flow of your intuition and offers you a bridge to the spiritual world and to grasp the complex information you receive during a download. It should show you connections from your life so that you can understand the big picture of your life. This gives you the opportunity to understand and accept your fear themes and dark sides. 55 Hz activates your entire energy in your body, your Kundalini, like a gentle surge of electricity. The recording lasts 93 minutes in total.

Contents of the meditation with times. Each frequency runs successively in a 10 minute rhythm.

4,9Hz Theta introspection, deep sleep, treatment of insomnia up to 9:50

5,5Hz Gaining all-embracing knowledge, shows visions of necessary growth and guidance, inner guidance and readiness for spiritual development, intuition, learning is facilitated until 19:00

7.5 Creativity, introspection, discovery of the purpose of life, creative thinking facilitates contact with the spiritual guide, facilitates the entry into meditation, clear dreaming also good for healing purposes, or self visualization in a healing situation,

Treatment of addictions like alcohol or drugs, gives a feeling of inner satisfaction until 28:00

10.5 Hz alpha wave frequency for healing of body, mind and as a unit, strong stabilizer and stimulating for immunity, relaxed alertness, contemplation, body healing, mind over matter, blood pressure lowering, connected with heart chakra, relaxed alertness, mind-soul communication until 37:50

12-Hz alpha wave centration, mental stability, time seems to pass faster, stimulates mental clarity, associated with throat chakra until 47:00

16.4 Hz beta waves, associated with crown chakra, intelligence, mind, liberation, transcendence until 56:30

33 Hz gamma waves Christ consciousness, hypersensitivity, pyramid, Schumann resonance frequency until 01:05

55 Hz Stimulating Kundalini Awakenings, Tantric Yoga 01:15:00

221.23 Hz Third eye meditation and activation of the third eye until 01:25:00

528 Hz Transformation and Miracle DNA-Upgrade, Love Frequency Solfeggio Frequency until 01:34:00

741 Hz Awakening intuition, expansion of consciousness Solfeggio frequency until 01:44:00

852 Hz Pure Love, Spiritual Order, Solfeggio Meditation until 01:55:00


Christa created Fairy Queen Creations, the Label of her Meditations and Artwork as a Portfolio Website of her creations. Read more about her here.


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