Removal of Negative Energy, Entities and Implants

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Updated Version 2019

Healing Session & Meditation

This is the Meditation that helps you remove negative energy, entities or extraterrestrial implants from you, if you want to book a personal and more in depth session, book a healing session with Christa. Do you continuously feel physically and emotionally unwell without any particular reason? For instance, you might be suffering from headaches or feeling insomniac and anxious out of the blue? If that’s the case, it can be caused by the negative energy accumulated in your body and mind.

The removal of negative energy, entities or extraterrestrial implants, that sit in your aura and your whole body system including the chakra system, is a very important step if you want to increase your frequency. An increased frequency means a change in your attitude, your thoughts and your awareness. You will go through a major shift in your life and experience a new chapter of your life beginning.

Frequencies in this Meditation:

  • 4,5 hz Theta, 10,50 hz Alpha, 35 hz Gamma - Binaural Beats
  • 285 hz, 417 hz, 528 hz, 741 hz - Solfeggio Tones

This 30 minutes long recording includes:

  • a guided healing session,
  • silent affirmations,
  • healing frequencies such as Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats
  • and Background Music with Forest Birds and Chimes Sounds.

Binaural Beats

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