Pain Relief – Silent Subliminal Affirmations

In this Meditation:

  • Affirmations PDF
  • 0.5 Hz, 2.5 Hz Delta Frequencies
  • 360 Hz brings sensations of joy and healing
  • Rife for Muscle Relaxation and Pain Relief in your Back
  • 5 Hz Theta Frequency
  • Rife Frequencies to cure inflammation, muscle relaxation and back pain relief
  • Silent Subliminal Affirmations in English to change your attitude to the healed and whole you

13.00  Exkl. Tax

The Delta Frequencies in this Meditation will bring you into a deep level of dreamless sleep, Delta Frequency is known to bring you healing and regeneration. Rife Frequency will help you relax your muscles which will also support your back to release the pain. Theta Frequency is for pain relief and will support a deeper sleep which is also important for your healing. 360 Hz is the Balance frequency derived from the Golden Section, also called Golden Ratio, and is a harmonic that naturally brings sensations of joy and healing. It's Energy is filling you with golden light. NASA astronauts have long proven that the earth creates a tone in space of 360 Hz.

Rife Frequency to cure an inflammation in your body, as pain indicates a problem in the body. Rife Frequency Muscle Relax, when we are in pain, we mostly feel stiff as we cramp up. Rife Frequency Back Pain - when we have pain in our back, we primarily have the pain from our tension, this frequency supports the release from your back problem.

Silent Subliminal Affirmations also in German available.

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