Heart Chakra Clearing and Opening

During a chakra treatment the chakras are brought back into a balancing rhythm. Our life changes noticeably.

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Heart Chakra Clearing and Opening

What are the signs of having a blocked heart chakra:

  • problems getting into contact with others
  • if you feel isolated or lonely
  • have problems in interpersonal relationships
  • communication problems and difficulty understanding your partner
  • experiencing misunderstandings with your friends
  • if you want to fully accept and love yourself
  • heal your inner child
  • feeling drained and exhausted after you got in touch with others
  • if you are looking for more peace in your life
  • if you experiencing heart or circulation problems
  • If you have respiratory complaints
  • if you have asthma
  • if you suffer from skin diseases

During a Heart Chakra opening, I will go through the issues by contacting the Akashic Records, clear the chakra and fix any issue. I will discuss with you what I have done and what you can do to stay in a healthy state in the future after the Session.

The Session can be done in person and as distant healing.

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