Heal Back Pain Silent Subliminals

174 Hz Solfeggio, Rife, Silent Affirmations, PDF

60 Minutes

14.00  Exkl. Tax

Product Details

Release and Heal your pain in your back with 174 Hz Solfeggio, Rife Frequency and Silent Subliminal Affirmations. 174 Hz Solfeggio is a powerful frequency that relieves pain. It works in our cells and sets everything in motion so that your entire body harmonises with the normal rhythm of the earth again. In addition, this recording contains the Rife frequencies that specifically target the back pain. Silent Subliminal Affirmations, that work on your subconscious and change your healing and thinking into “being healthy”, run throughout the recording. This recording comes with relaxing background music. This meditation creates less pain and finally heals the topic hidden behind your Back Pain.

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