Energy Session

An energy session brings your entire body system back into harmony. This enables your body to be in the flow of life again and healing is possible. However, it normally requires several applications to produce a lasting result. The body, the body system and the mind and the communication between the two take time, depending on the duration of an illness and the person.  I work holistically with all my learned techniques like quantum healing, crystal energy, reiki and the connected energy of Attilio Ferrara.

120.00  Exkl. Tax

Energy work supports you on a psychological and physical level to release blockages and to continue your path with a new perspective.

Energy Session supports you when :

  • Supports your recovery from illness (together with medical treatment)
  • Chronic diseases, allergies
  • Depression (supportive when under medical treatment), burn-out
  • Depressive moods
  • removal of negative energies / entities
  • Sleep problems / sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Headaches
  • physical blockages
  • and many more

An energy session harmonizes the energy balance, which strengthens and regenerates the body, mind and soul. I serve as a channel for this energy. For this I use different tools of Reiki, energy healing, quantum healing and theta healing.

During an Energy Healing Session, I work very intuitively, adapted to the client and his needs. During an energy session you relax and let the session work on you. Normally there is no talking during the treatment.

It is possible that you may feel cold, heat, pulsation or tingling in individual areas due to the energy flow created during the session, or in individual cases you may see colours or pictures. This is then a sign that your body and mind are reacting to the treatment.

The duration of a healing session varies and can take place in my practice or by remote treatment with What's App Phone or similar.

What our Customers are saying

4 reviews for Energy Session

  1. Conny

    Dear Christa
    Thank you so very much and I am so blessed to have found you.
    Thank for all advice, and care. I feel so much love from you and towards you.
    You are a blessing!!
    Be safe and take care until then.
    Ps. I feel so relieved after the healing session.. feel like me again.. it was so long ago..



  2. Gabriele

    Liebe Christa!

    Ich wollte von Dem Heilungserlebnis heute Nacht,nach dem anhören deiner Heil-Aufnahme berichten.
    Es traten nach ca. Stunde nach Deinen Heilenergien heftigste körperliche Reaktionen auf, die jedoch nur kurze Zeit anhielten.
    Was da in meinem Bewusstsein war, an Gedanken, dies hat such heute morgen un der Meditation bestätigt .

    Dear Christa!

    I wanted to tell you about the healing experience tonight, after listening to your healing recording.
    After an hour or so after your healing energies, there were violent physical reactions, but these lasted only for a short time.
    What was there in my consciousness, in thoughts, this was confirmed this morning in my meditation.

  3. Carmen

    Nach meinem Autounfall und einer Nacht im Spital hatte ich starke Kopf- und Nackenschmerzen und konnte kaum aufstehen. Nach einer Behandlung von Christa hatten sich der Druck in meinem Kopf und die starken Nackenschmerzen nach und nach gelöst. Meine Wirbelsäule, die mir auch bis nach unten wehtat, fühlte sich auch nicht mehr so schmerzhaft an. Am nächsten Morgen konnte ich schon aufstehen und es geht mir merklich besser! Ich weiss gar nicht wie ich mich bei Dir bedanken soll, Du hast mir sehr geholfen. Von Herzen Danke!


    After my car accident and one night in hospital I had severe head and neck pain and could hardly stand up. After a treatment by Christa, the pressure in my head and the strong neck pain had gradually eased. My spine, which also hurt all the way down, also felt less painful. The next morning I could already get up and I felt noticeably better! I do not know how to thank you, you have helped me a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


  4. Andrea

    Ich möchte mich von Herzen bei Dir bedanken! Ich habe meine letzte Woche Revue passieren lassen und es ist wahnsinnig, was alles in meinem Leben an positivem passiert ist und es immer noch tut. Dank Deinen Gesprächen und Heilsitzungen fühle ich mich verändert. Ich fühle mich, als hätte ich viel Kraft in mir, als würde ich anfangen mehr an mich zu glauben. Es ist jetzt noch schwierig in Worte zu fassen. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass Dich die Menschen finden. Du könntest so viel Gutes tun und den Menschen helfen. Es ist wahnsinnig, wie Du einen Menschen aus dem inneren Gefängnis in so kurzer Zeit befreien kannst. Einfach nur – danke, danke, danke.


    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have reviewed my last week and it’s amazing what positive things have happened in my life and are still doing. Thanks to your talks and healing sessions I feel changed. I feel like I have a lot of strength in me, like I am starting to believe in myself more. It is still difficult to put it into words now. I hope so much that people will find you. You could do so much good and help people. It is amazing how you can free a person from his inner prison in such a short time. Just – thank you, thank you, thank you.


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