Energy Clearing in your Home

120.00  Exkl. Tax

Energy clearing of your Space

This energy clearing of your house and workspace session can be done to clear your room, your home, your workplace, e.g. an office. If your workplace changes regularly, e.g. if you are a bus driver, pilot, flight attendant etc., this should be done before you start work.Energy can have both blocking and uplifting effects. This applies not only to your body, your body system, your aura and your energy field, but also to the place where you live and work. Your life changes to a more harmonious and peaceful way of dealing with yourself and others, you may feel that you need to clarify your home, your private life, certain friendships or visits, tasks. Clearing out your office means giving your working life a better structure, improving your tasks, clarity about what you want, getting rid of things that are blocking your working life, such as disorder, people who no longer belong to your working life. All this can have a positive effect on your success. Overall, you will feel a sense of calm and stress reduction, which can have a positive effect not only on your life but also on your health.

The duration of a clearing session varies and can take place on site or remote clearing session.

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