Black Moon – Healing Transformation

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Lilith meditation with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta Binaural Beats and Solfeggio tones.

4,9hz, 5,5hz, 7,5hz, 10,50hz, 12hz, 16,4hz, 33hz, 55hz, 221,23hz Binaural Beats

528 Hz, 741 Hz und 852 Hz Solfeggio Tones.

93 Minutes


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Healing transformation with Lilith

Meditation with Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta Binaural Beats and 528 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz Solfeggio tones.

Transformation in the black moon also known as Lilith. Topics that should be addressed now are letting go into the infinite love of the process of deep acceptance. Letting go does not mean giving up on a subject or a person, but letting go of perfection or the ego, the nature of "I want" - understanding the perfection of life.

The Lilith aspect is about the complete letting go of control, that is, surrendering what comes after the feeling of powerlessness. See yourself as a receiving soul for the things you want to live in your human beingness. To let it flow, that is the learning process you can start during this time of the black moon.

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