963 Hz – Activate Pineal Gland

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The Meditation includes:

– 0,5 Hz Delta Detox and equalize your hemispheres from Minute 0 – 10

– 20 Hz Beta Stimulates your Pineal Gland from Minute 10 – 30

– 963 Hz Solfeggio – Pineal Gland Activator – Connect to the Divine from Minute 30 – End

– Pineal Gland Activation

– Third Eye Activation

– Equalize your day/night rhythm

– Serotonin will be converted into melatonin for your sleep

– Overcome sleeplessness, heal insomnia, sleep disorders

– Rejuvenation and slowing down of the ageing process

– Healthy melatonin level will improve your brain capacity and prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Binaural Beats and Solfeggio Tones – Best with Headphones

60 Minutes

12.50  Exkl. Tax

This Meditation stimulates your Pineal Gland to activation. The Pineal Gland is important for your sleep/awake rhythm. It produces Serotonin which is formed during the day when you get in contact with sunlight. It then will be exchanged into Melantonin which is very important for your sleep. It is also said to help anticipate Alzheimer's. It has a rejuvenating effect slowing down the ageing process, as it acts on your cells directly. For your whole immune system, your organs, your cells and your brain it is important to get a healthy sleep as your body will regenerate during sleep.

You will have a third eye activation as well and are able to get into contact with your higher self/soul, spirit guides and all that is wisdom.

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