How to strengthen your immune system

Learn about how to strengthen your immune system by listening to 835 Hz Binaural Beats along with a healthy lifestyle. Take this Binaural Beats Therapy to change your body. It will change your whole life.

by | Jul 3, 2020

835 Hz binaural beats Therapy and how to strengthen your immune system


What are Binaural Beats


Binaural beats support you in different areas of life. For example can they bring you a relaxing effect, they can also help you to concentrate better, you can learn better with the binaural beats, i.e. your retentiveness increases which makes it easier for you to learn a new language, for example. Depending on the Binaural Beats Frequency you can even get into an euphoric state, you can fall into a meditative state more easily and gain access to your inner knowledge in a totally relaxed phase. Binaural Beats are also very well applicable if you suffer from a sleep disorder or tend to depressive moods. The effect on our brain with the frequencies also allows that a sensation of pain can be attenuated, because active brain areas can be changed specifically with a certain frequency.


What is binaural beats therapy?


Binaural means that the frequency is received at two different pitches in the left and right ear. The brain in turn perceives these sounds as one tone. Therefore, it is also recommended to listen to the binaural beats with headphones.

However, I believe that energy always arrives, I perceive the frequencies as energy. I also receive downloads from the universe in the form of tones and vibrations.

835 Hz Binaural Beats by Fairyqueencreations

Download and boost your immune system


The quality of Energies


Energy is also brought into the recordings by me and also everyone who listens to the meditation has a certain energy that is generated by his expectations and his particular state. So we may always keep in mind that every being perceives energies differently. To perceive this energy through the body is influenced by the respective expectations, preconceived opinions, the current state of the day and of course the state of health. Form an opinion from your own experiences and not from the experiences of others. Begin your journey into the world of energies and frequencies for yourself and perceive what you feel, sense and what changes.



835 Hz Frequency


Researchers have found that our brain and cells have a positive effect on stimuli such as binaural beats in this case. We can therefore use them specifically. To strengthen our immune system, 835 Hz has an effective effect.

This frequency also works very well with allergies, dental infections, various parasites and Rhodococcus bacteria. Rhodocuccus bacteria mainly infest domestic animals such as pigs, goats, sheep, horses and cattle, whereby the bacterial infestation can also be transmitted, especially to people with an immune deficiency.


Especially during the flu season or in case of a flu pandemic it is important to strengthen our immune system. In addition to the frequency 835 Hz I have added some affirmations in the Youtube video, which you can read aloud.


Holistic Healing


I recommend in the affirmations that you strengthen your immune system in a holistic way. This means that you should treat yourself and your body with love and respect to strengthen your immune system.

You do this with healthy food, by staying in nature, doing moderate exercise, not in excess, because then you are no longer in love for yourself. Alcohol, smoking and drug consumption weaken the immune system.


If you are one of the epicureans and you like to drink a lot of alcohol, try to abstain from drinking to find out how you feel physically. If you feel better, maybe more awake, can concentrate better, are less impatient with yourself and your fellow beings, maybe you are less moody because of it or you feel better physically, maybe you have less PMS symptoms, sleep better, less joint pain. Perhaps it will convince them to drink a glass of wine or beer more consciously.


Alcohol is a cell poison, and if at all, should only be taken in moderation, i.e. not regularly and not too much. These recommendations do not only come from my side, they are empirical findings.


How to strengthen your immune system

Strengthening the immune system through healthy nutrition


Strengthen your immune system by eating a lot of vegetables in all available colours, if you can tolerate them, also fruits, drink a lot of water, few carbohydrates and moderate animal protein, if you are not a vegetarian. As a vegetarian you should make sure that you eat vegetable protein like legumes. Protein contains building blocks such as amino acids that are very important for your entire metabolism, and pulses are a wonderful source of amino acids.


A balanced diet, therefore, plenty of water, sometimes supplemented with unsweetened herbal tea or green tea. Few juices and if, then diluted as a spritzer, because too much fruit juice consumption could possibly have a negative effect on your digestion, especially with allergies or yeast bacts (Candida) infestation and your liver in the long term. Sweetened drinks, including fruit juices, can in the worst case cause fatty liver, diabetes and its secondary diseases.

How to strengthen your immune system

Stress an energy thief for your immune system


Stress has a damaging effect on our immune system in the long run. As a young person one can perhaps cope with stress even better, the bill may be presented later in the form of physical or mental weakness, physical illness or depression. A rest break in between times makes it much easier to cope with stress.

Green calms us humans, scientists have found out why a walk in nature and especially in the forest has a healing effect on the stressful modern human.

How to strengthen your immune system 1

Positive thoughts


In the affirmations I recommend positive emotions and thoughts. A positive person meets the day completely different, like a pessimist. You can consciously control your thoughts, it certainly takes some practice, but the reward is worth it. You will go through your life much more consciously, you will not have to react so quickly to everything. Especially if you are a sensitive person, you will benefit from a conscious attitude to life. You can consciously decide how to deal with a situation you want to avoid. Start with small steps and don’t judge yourself if it doesn’t work out, because you have made the first step, you have noticed it.


Positive emotions


Do what you enjoy! Of course it would be optimal to be able to realize this project of the do what you love 24 hours a day. If this is not the case, then schedule your day so that you can do things that make your heart sing for a few hours a day. So try to incorporate more and more fun units a day, who knows where you will end up in a new job – your vocation/determination?


Positive emotions are awakened in us by a togetherness among colleagues, friends, partners and family. Laughter is part of it, or a nice conversation.

How to strengthen your immune system

Love and tenderness awaken positive emotions in us. They awaken certain substances in our body, yes, they make our body dance inwardly.


When we are dancing, music awakens a vast number of positive emotions in us, it awakens memories, mostly positive ones, it lets us be free for a moment when we dance to it.


A hobby sportsman feels happy during a match, especially when he can feel the energy among like-minded people in the stadium and take part. The feeling of being part of something gives people a sense of security. If he feels he belongs, he experiences himself as an equal partner, has self-confidence and its aim is to contribute to the good of the Community.

How to strengthen your immune system

Practice self-love


Without sounding selfish, because that has nothing to do with selfishness at all. How do you perceive yourself? What do you love most about yourself? Which character and physical qualities do you find especially beautiful and great about yourself? Concentrate on your strengths. Accept your weaknesses and be aware that your weaknesses are – your strengths. Take a look at your dark sides, buy a book on this topic. In many cases such a book offers you the possibility to work on yourself to make you aware of your shadow topics.

Self-love also means setting healthy boundaries, what is good for you? What do you not want to do? Self-love also means to be loving to you and to always make a decision for you. If you are well, if you are in harmony with yourself, then you can make more positive experiences, especially in a relationship.

How to strengthen your immune system

Being in the flow of life


One of the affirmations I have used is “being in the flow of life”. This affirmation is to show you that you should let go, where necesarry, listen to your intuition. Especially when you realize that there is a blockage somewhere. You may want to go one way, but it takes so much energy and time and you still cannot reach your goal. Then you are not in the flow of life. On the contrary, it just drains you even more. This in turn damages your body and weakens your immune system.

To be in flow means to feel lightness, joy and to have a relaxed attitude.


What an interesting point of view


This sentence comes from Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness. I think this sentence really has it all, which is why I want to share it with you. It’s about becoming porous. Not to have a particular opinion so not to insist on it, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an opinion from now on. You should just stay with yourself, keep your energy with you when someone wants to impose his opinion on you. With this opinion, no one can, so to speak, put their hat on you, so to speak. People who judge us want to take advantage of our weaknesses, rob us of our energy, keep their power, annoy us in order to weaken us, in an energetic sense, in short, they arouse negative emotions in us. You stay with yourself by saying this sentence for yourself or, depending on the situation, also out loud. This usually takes the wind out of their sails in such a conversation.

Written By: Christa

Written By: Christa


Christa is the Founder of Fairyqueencreations.

She loves to work creatively and lets healing energies flow into her works. 


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