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“Out beyond of right and wrong – there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”



Some days are fairy days. The minute you wake up, you have a magical feeling you could never mistake. You may not see the fairies, but you know they’re around. And in every single minute they might come out; you want to laugh, you want to sing, you want to dance and run. Everything is different, everything is funny; the sky is full of fairy clouds, the streets are fairy streets – on real fairy days anything can happen.

Rose Fyleman


“Open your heart to the wonders around you, including the wonder that you are. Open your heart to nature and its habitants. Respect all things like the plants, the stones, insects and animals of this wonderful planet and treat them the way you want to be treated. Respect the power of the earth and be a part of it.”


Hey there, I’m Christa Fossati 👋

You just can’t put me in a box 😉….

I am…what I am that I am

After spending nearly two decades working for an international corporation being a number of many that can be exchanged as an economic factor, with night shifts and time differences, I know just how energy draining this can be for your body and mind. Maybe you think it’s impossible to find your inner peace again and shift your life to a satisfying, financially-fulfilling work. Or you might just not have the time to do all the research and self-reflection required…

Whatever your roadblock is, if it was a personal issue that you want to finally overcome, a health problem, energy blockages, whatever origin this might be, or if it was that you need a helping hand with creating a wp website.

I *pinkie promise* I can help you get over it. Friend, your new life full of sunshines and ease is just around the corner! 

Many clients that come to me with blockages and pattern that are created during their life or even past lives. There are many things and energies”between the universe and earth” that some carry with them without knowing what produces their heaviness, depression or it even already turned into sickness in their lives. When this negative blockages, which sometimes did not even belong to them, have been removed from their system, it feels like freeing up someone. You feel lighter, you gain more energy and a different perspective in your life, which improves your quality of life sustainably.

My earthly Diplomas and Courses that you might want to know….Astrology, several Healer Courses such as Reiki (Master), Quantum Healing, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing (Attilio Ferrara), Hypnotherapist Diploma NGH, Meditation Guide and Courses, where I have refined my Intuition. Dog Psychology Diploma ATS, Field Guide Training, Ecotraining, SA. My 6 Years of experience with WordPress and Website Creation, where I added some knowledge about basic CSS, WP Security as well as Photoshop Courses, Frequency and Meditation Creation round my personal box with my current knowledge. Going through the ups and downs with the Website creation myself, I know how energy and time draining this can be. I love doing it anyway! If you need a helping hand with your website creation, I would love to do it for you. My resources that make a high quality website, are run with divi theme, Siteground Hosting and Stock images and others. Please have a look here for more info’s.

Those who do not believe in magic will never find

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