What is the secret behind 432 Hz music. Why do we feel so good when we listen to this healing frequency? It can really work out like a wonder for some Patients, according to Doctors and Scientists experiences. Let the wonders work for you too.

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by | Jun 16, 2020

432 Hz Frequency

Read about the 432 Hz benefits in this Article, what it does to you, what the Scientific World’s experiences are and how you can use it.

Have you noticed how relaxed and therefore much happier you feel when listening to the frequency 432 Hz? This is because this frequency beats in sync with the universe. We are all part of the universe and so is the earth, which is clocked in this frequency, which is why we, as earthlings, immediately fall into a relaxed and harmonious state.

432 Hz vs 440 Hz

Another interesting equation is that in the music industry the standard frequency is 440 Hz. This frequency was adopted as a standard in London, which then spread throughout the world. However, there was no scientific reason for this decision to standardize 440 Hz, because this frequency, unlike the 432 Hz frequency, has no approach that would comply with the laws of physics.


However, there are already many musicians who use 432 Hz and have brought a wonderful harmony to their piece by tuning to this frequency. Even as a music lover, you can benefit from it, and tune your pieces in your library to 432 Hz, you will notice how harmonious the music sounds in your ears.

 432 Hz and 8 Hz Frequency

The difference of 8 Hz between these two frequencies is definitely worth mentioning, if not necessary. Scientists and doctors have found out that our brain resonates perfectly at this frequency and calibrates both halves of the brain into a harmonious state. Our brain is then so perfectly tuned that our perception increases dramatically, resulting in increased clarity in our lives and the opening of our intuition.

Benefits for Patients

Doctors found that one patient had less anxiety during an operation, he felt more relaxed, which also affected his vital signs such as blood pressure and heart rate because he heard 432 Hz frequencies.

This frequency gives them deep relaxation, brings them into harmony, improves their vital signs and their entire hormone system and immune system are positively influenced. Their intuition is strengthened because they have a greater awareness of what is happening around them. Alzheimer patients were treated with 432 Hz frequency and found that their memory was improved. Even patients who had suffered a stroke were able to increase their movement capacity by 432 Hz.

432 Hz Chakra

This experienced harmony of the 432 Hz frequency not only goes through our body and influences our organs, it also affects our chakra system, we experience a clearance of existing blockages and a harmonization. The connection of the heart chakra and the crown chakra is present like the connection of 432 Hz and 8 Hz and is a bridge over which we can make our perceptions of the soul from the heart.

432 Hz frequency has even been measured in ancient buildings like Stonehenge and the pyramids, who knows where we would find this frequency everywhere if we extended the scientific investigation.

How do we use the 432 Hz frequency?

432 Hz is wonderfully suited for meditation, because it allows you to fall into deep relaxation within a very short time. You can listen to the music with or without headphones, the frequency belongs to the secret Solfeggio tones. They can use 432 Hz to positively change their drinking water and food by placing the glass on a resonating body of music. There are plenty of ideas for this on the Internet and on YouTube. Dr. Masaru Emoto has also experimented with frequencies and water.


The healing frequency 432 Hz allows us to easily enter a deep state of relaxation which has a healing effect on our body. We experience fewer moments of stress and can react to them with more confidence. Our sleep improves and our world of thoughts changes positively, which has an effect on our whole life, because we create our reality with our thoughts.



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