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by | Sep 20, 2019

Removal of internal, negative processes

With regular use, the solfeggio frequency of 417 Hz can bring you changes. Once you are “in tune” with this frequency, negative energy is completely removed from your body, because this vibration would not allow this negativity to remain in your body.

This will also change your environment, everything negative goes away from your home, your workplace. You will realize that your world of thoughts is no longer going around in circles and negative thoughts will keep appearing, and you will become more selective about media that reflect a lot of negativity. You simply do not need it anymore.


417Hz Solfeggio ©FairyQueenCreations 

   Everything will change, including your plans, which now have a much more positive approach and will be much more harmonious. The people you meet are harmoniously attuned to you and you will attract a new, more harmonious circle of friends. All the hurting, traumatizing ones that you have experienced in the past and that are still deep inside you, consciously or unconsciously, will now fade more and more into the background as they lose their importance for you in your life.

To be in a state of harmony and in the flow of life, it is necessary to use meditation with the frequency of 417Hz regularly, regular cleansing of the sacral chakra through meditation, physical exercises that activate the sacral chakra, such as yoga, tai chi or chi gong.

Conscious dealing with oneself, how to live and let the joy of life into one’s life. How much free time do I allow myself in my life, what makes me really happy or even, could I build up this as a full-time source of income? Which people do me good, which ones pull me down with their negativity and drama, why do I let myself be pulled down? Do I still need that?

Ask yourself every day the question: What could I do today that brings me more joy in life?

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Christa created Fairy Queen Creations, the Label of her Meditations and Artwork as a Portfolio Website of her creations. Read more about her here.


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