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Happy Customers

 “Dear Christa Thank you so very much and I am so blessed to have found you. Thank for all advice, and care. I feel so much love from you and towards you. You are a blessing!! Be safe and take care until then. Ps. I feel so relieved after the healing session.. feel like me again.. it was so long ago..” ♥️❤️ Conny

“They say tears take the tension off. I already have this music playing in the bathroom in the morning, even when I’m working on my PC. I also have it playing in the evening. Then I always feel liberated and balanced. All the best for the future.” Wolfgang F.

«I have been healed before by such frequencies, only to have everything destroyed by chemical substances… i am not giving up hope and i am putting my faith in frequency healing again I will try it, thank you for that!» E.F.

Thank you very much for such a beautiful video with great affirmations. They touched my heart and made it warm. What a great feeling ❤️☀️❤️ Laretti 370

«Thank you so wonderful and healing! the greatest healing lies in letting go of our past and working again and again on the love for ourselves – until we recognize the meaning, which lies again and again only in the power of love.» Elisabeth S.

 «I Am Grateful For This Music, Use It In My Work As A Massage Therapist, Often Moving Moments With The People I Can Do Good To, Through My Work, But Also Through Music Like Yours..Namaste » Sasha A.

«Hello dear Christa, I am a chemo patient and discovered this wonderful “music” for me a few days ago. It awakens a whole new feeling of liberation in me. I can literally feel how it heals me and this effect makes me cry every time anew. I thank you so much for such a wonderful gift With all my best regards, your Manfred»

«I have been feeling infinite happiness Feelings of bliss after hearing your vibration increase Divine hear different meditations from you at every opportunity – every day.» Nilge U.